Thursday, 5 September 2013

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software which allows you to modify any movie and insert some elements such as text, songs, sound or images in multiple formats.
This multimedia editor has a large number of advanced functions which allow you to create your work with a high level of precision and flexibility. Besides, it adds a professional touch to all your projects.
On the other hand, its professional character may be a handicap for less experienced users due to its steep learning curve. If this is your case, we recommend you to get a tutorial, take your time and start with the basics.

Remarkable functions

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a wide library of effects , transitions and texts which can be all incorporated to your project.
While using this application, you will notice that its timeline is a very helpful in any of your projects since it gathers all the processes and tasks you carry out when creating a video. This way, every single effect, cut or addition of elements will be included in that timeline with a great level of detail.
Another remarkable function of this application is its monitor, which allows you to visualize images, videos and any kind of sound in real time. It counts with the classical play, pause and stop buttons but it also comes with a scroll bar to move back or forward and search for a frame.
Besides that, it offers the useful possibility of using two screens simultaneously: one in which you can see the original clip and another one that displays the new elements you have previously integrated to your movie.

Great compatibility of Adobe Premiere Pro

It is also important to mention its great compatibility as Adobe Premiere Pro supports other sound applications . This fact allows you to increase your productivity and spend the time wisely while developing any task with this video editor. In addition, this software can export your final project to multiple formats.
On the other hand, this utility is part of the Adobe’s suite of products, which makes possible its integration with other applications such as Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator or Adobe After Effects , among others.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

The features of this video editor are listed below:
  •  Redesigned interface with a new timeline, shortcuts and copy and paste effects
  •  Link & Locate option for looking better for clips
  •  Lumetri Deep Color Engine to apply better color grades
  •  Improved audio control
  •  Integration with Adobe Anywhere
  •  Closed caption in which you can edit, view or import media
  •  Mercury Playback Engine (more support from GPUs, OpenCL and CUDA)
  •  Avid and Final Cut Pro projects import and export option
  •  Multicam editor
  •  Media Browser to find your projects more quickly
If you want to know more about this video editor, check the author's site.


Create all sorts of clips, videos and presentations for your work or personal use with Adobe Premiere Pro. Take advantage of its advanced functions and keep moving forward.
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