Monday, 19 August 2013


Spare the earth's planetary group from attacking chickens! Actually when you thought it was protected to consume chicken again, the chickens have come back with a composed Invasion to take over the whole earth's planetary group! Adventure to every planet and battle your direction through to recovery the planet (again)! Development through waves of attacking chickens, abstaining from falling eggs and gathering power-ups to support your spaceship's firepower. Speedy-paced arcade movement for one or two players.In the first part of the Chicken Invaders adventure, you shielded EARTH in opposition to an attack of intergalactic chickens looking for Revenge for the mistreatment of their natural brethren. Notwithstanding, as you were getting out the final of the chicken trespassers and were anticipating a twofold chicken burger extraordinary at the space burger bar, the accurate scale of the situation came to be evident: SHABIRSHAKEEL.BLOGSPOT.COM the first intrusion was basically aforerunner to the chicken's essential attack! Their expert idea now comes to be clear: to attack every planet in the earth's planetary groupand verify that it is occupied only by chickens!
The time has now come to wear your non-stay egg-spurning cap and make the largest omelette you've ever made as you keep on your endeavor in the second section of Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave. Just you can have an effect. Will you succeed? Will the fate of chicken burgers be secure? Alternately will you wind up as a feature of the menu in a galactic chicken restaurant?This is  PC Game  Free Download                                         SCREEN SHOOT