Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Find Any Code in Blogger/Blog-Find Any Html Code

In this post we learn how can you find code in blogger template.Many user have a in mind find this,Find this code,but how can I find a code in template which thousand code.so in the post we learn about this.
So to help I always ask you press CTRL+F and search this code or below code.so here I going to show how to find code  with browser search bar.You have Follow the steps and have reached the html template page I showing below.

Now you have to find a piece of code in your's blog Html,Showing below.

Easy 2 Steps For Finding </body> 
  •  Press CTRL + F From your Keyboard.(See Demo Image) 
  • When you click on the CTRL + F Search bar will on the Top of  your browser.and if you are using Firfox search bar appear in bottom.in chrome like this.
  • And Now write in search bar </body> and press enter.After press enter You can see demo Image
  • You can also Click on arrow button for the next or previous code which you can see on search bar right side.
  • May be in your browser search bar look different but its work is same don't worry.Thanks
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