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Prince Of Persia Two Thrones is Action-Adventure Game which is produced and published by the Ubisoft Co.This game is also called POP T2T by the abbreviation of long term.After playing the PC Game Prince of Persia Warrior Within , In which Dhaka was killed by Prince and Kaleena is saved by prince , both are returning to Babylon The Kaleena's City.Kaleena reminds the all story of The game POP WW .The Prince drop his coin shaped metal into the sea from his chest plate.When they reach the Island, they see war on this place had begun.Some cannon balls reach the their boat and break it . Kaleena and Prince are drowned But soon they reach tobeach of the city but they are in no sense.
Prince wakes up then see his Kaleena is taken inside as prisoner.He shrieks but no one hears it then he tried to reach the Kaleena to save her.when Prince is near to the Kaleena , He sees the Vizir was there ( The old Enemy ) who wanted to kill him.Prince tried to save him but the powerful enemies kept stop to do anything, Vizir uses Dagger to kill the Kaleena to get the Power of sands.The power of sands appear after killing the Kaleena which is converted to exactly.The some power of sand are come into the Prince ,The Vizir could not hold the Dagger so , fall in his hand and picked up by the Prince by chance.Due to the dagger of this , sands of time reverse again but some extra also introduced in the Prince.The prince converts into the Dark Prince as shown in the Picture below.
The Prince then fall into the Sewer than There is the water which controls himself fully , but he can talk itself means with dark prince. Real prince is the moral of peace and kind while the Dark Prince is model of cruel and cold (unkind). There the prince saw his father's body who fought and martyred now. He picks the his father's sword goes on to kill the Vizir with this sword . At last he succeeded to kill the Vizir in the end and Kaleena comes again in the form sands mixture and take dagger of time and go away.The Prince also meets the Farah in the game which helped him in the game.Prince fought itself because Dark Prince wanted to rule on his body but he could not succeeded in his ambition.


The System Requirements OF Prince Of Persia Two Thrones are Below:
  • Windows Xp, Win 7 And Win Vista
  • Pentium 4 1 Ghz 
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Direct x 9 Supported 
  • Hard Disk 1.5 Gb
  • Gamepad are optional
  • Graphic Card 32 MB for Best Display

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