Thursday, 25 July 2013

RA One Free Game Download

Ra-One The Game Free Download

Ra one The Game
A prequel to the film, RA.ONE: The Activity presents the key film figures and the various superpowers they have in the film. The experience story has been designed by Shah Rukh Khan so that there is an important relationship between the game and the film.
The game provides an probability to the gamers to perform as the key figures of the film: RA.ONE or G.One. Beyond these two figures, a few other key figures will also be involved hanging around. The film figures have been duplicated carefully for looks and computer animated and use the real voice-overs from Shah Rukh Khan.
RA.ONE: The Activity will be combined out in the Native indian market and other key marketplaces towards the end of Sept 2011 to match with the real film release time frame. This will allow people to get an entertaining put review of the superpowers to anticipate and perform in a finish sci-fi atmosphere.
Under the assistance of the SCEE group in London, uk and in near co-ordination with the Red Chillies group for film characterisations and VFX, the game is being designed regionally in Mumbai by Trine. RA.ONE: The Activity is packed with user-friendly activity goes together with stunning visual representations. Players, for the first time in the record of Native indian movies, can perform various activity series from the film hanging around itself.
Featuring 6 exclusive figures and more than 20 gameplay surroundings from the RA.ONE Galaxy, the game features multi-player activity stages, along with a solid set of various game method choices, and allows gamers to sign up in thousands of complicated suits.

Ram: 512 MB
Processor: 2.8 GHZ
Video Carzd: 256 MB