Friday, 19 July 2013

all in one computer system cobra driver

All in One Computer Systems Drivers Cobra Driver Pack Universal for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

This is .iso file for All Computer Systems. If you have any brand PC, Laptop orDesktop Computer System and want to install all drivers then download thisdrivers Pack Free of cost. This is Automatic Driver Pack. Just click on autorun (html Application) and then you can see how and which drivers are you missing. Simply select them according to your Windows OS and then click on Run(Number). For example, if there are 5 drivers require to install and you have selected those 5 then you can see Run (5) on top of left sidebar.

You need to install UltraISO to run this driver Pack. After installing UltraISO, go to My Computer and you can see the CD/DVD drive. If you have already a CD/DVD ROM then you will see two drives, one is your real CD/DVD Drive and the second one is Virtual CD/DVD Drive installed by UltraISO.
Download and Extract the File First
Now Follow these steps.
1- Right Click on Virtual CD/DVD Drive (Normally the last CD/DVD Drive)
2- Click on UltraISO and select Mount...
3- Browse/Locate the Downloaded .iso file with name "Cobra lite2010(pcfavour.com)"
4- Refresh the My Computer page and Open this CD/DVD Drive.
5- Double Click on "autorun" (First/top located file in CD)